Here are some photos of some great places I have been. Feel free to check them out. I try to put a new set on the page when I have a chance or if I feel my pictures are worthy of being displayed. Enjoy!

Wedding Day
October 2001
October 2001
Mt. Daniel
August 2001
Jackson Hole
December 2000
Whistler & Ingalls Lake
December/October 2000
September 2000
Olympics - Gray Wolf
September 2000
Rachel Lake
July 2000

Glacier National Park
August 1999

Glacier National Park Trip

McNeil River State Game Sanctuary
July 1999

McNeil River

Whistler, B.C.
March 1999

whistler4_button.jpg (2598 bytes)

Lake Janus
August 1998

janus_button.jpg (3794 bytes)

Mt. Rainier
June 1998

click here to see my climbing trip on Mt. Rainier

May 1993


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