October 2001

The pictures below are from our Honeymoon in Belize. We stayed at the Mata Rocks Resort on Ambergris Caye. While we were there, we had the opportunity to visit some Mayan Ruins, go fishing and snorkeling along the Barrier Reef, and just relax in the sun on the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean.


Kristin in front of the Mayan Ruin site called Altun Ha

A view of Altun Ha from the top of the largest temple

A view of the temple in the preceeding picture

On top of the temple again

The boat ride up the river to Bomba

The small village of Bomba. This was the middle point on our way to Altun Ha

Relaxing at one of the fine eating establishments along Ambergris Caye.

Jon catching a Trigger fish

Kristin and her Barracuda

A small Grouper fish Kristin threw back

Trying to find some Lobster along the reef

The secluded beach where we cooked our fish we caught along the reef

Kristin relaxing in the sun

Hanging out at Mata Rocks

The view from our room

Mata Rocks resort from the water

Mata Rocks from the dock. The bar is on the left.