In August of 1999, my extended family decided to hold a large reunion in Glacier National Park to celebrate the life of my great great uncle, Walter McClintock. Back in the late 1800's and early 1900's, Walter was one of the first people to survey the National Park and the surrounding territory by order of Gifford Pinchot the head of the Forest Service. While he explored Montana he became intrigued by the Blackfeet Indian Tribe. He was invited to live with the Blackfeet Indians and was adopted by Chief Mad Wolf.

In recognition of the work he did in that area of our country, the Department of the Interior named a peak in Glacier National Park after him. It is called "McClintock Peak." It is in the Two Medicine Lake area which is located in the southeast corner of the park. The peak is actually several hundred feet just south of Cutbank Pass. It is a very remote area of the park, but extremely beautiful.

Family, some whom I had never met or heard of, came from all over the United States to take part in hiking to the peak. It was an experience I will never forget. I have included many pictures of our trip on the coming pages.

While we were there, a bear mauled several people on a trail in the southern area of the park. This happened after we finished the hike, but nonetheless it shows you need to be careful when hiking in the backcountry. Check out this newspaper article from the Missoulian about the attack.

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Aunt Barbara My aunt Barbara and me at Upper Two Medicine Lake. It was cold and windy on our second day there. We went on a day hike to this beautiful lake. I think Barbara was cold that is why you can't see her face.
Before the hike Here is the "kids" hiking group. We were doing the more difficult hike to the peak. It was a 22 mile loop that crossed the Continental Divide 3 times. Here we are about to set off on our journey. Notice all the smiling faces? Those didn't last for long.

Pictured left to right are: Ben, Chris, Craig, Lara, Ben, Megan, Jennifer, Me, and Tat. We are all cousins and second cousins.

The boat To cut 2 miles off the hike we boarded this boat that took us to the other end of Two Medicine Lake. We had awesome weather on the first day of the hike. It was in the high 70's.
Dawson Pass As we approached the other end of the lake, Dawson Pass came into view. It is the saddle in the middle of the picture. We would be conquering this on our second day of the hike.

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