Mt. Rainier June 1998

Here are a few pictures from my mountaineering crevasse rescue field trip. It was a beautiful sunny weekend in June of 1998. We set out from Paradise and hiked up the Nisqually Glacier. There were crevasses all over the place! We found a big one and set up our equipment. I was the first one lowered into the crevasse. I was scared! However after hanging in the crevasse for 15 minutes I began to enjoy the situation! How many people get to see the inside of a crevasse and get to live to tell about it! So take a look at the pictures I took of that awesome day!

Click on the pictures for a larger image

Looking down on the Nisqually Glacier A view of the mountian from Paradise View of the Tatoosh Range to the south and the rest of my party hiking up Can you see all the people on the Glacier? They look like ants!
Hiking up from Paradise View of the road going up tio Paradise Hiking down on to the Nisqually Glacier Roped up with my team as we start to cross the glacier
Another team at a crevass Pulling someone up from the crevass Looking to the west as I am hanging in a crevass Looking to the east as I am hanging in a crevass
Looking down at the bottom of the crevass A pretty picture of the Paradise area covered in snow My teammate hiking up The whole class getting ready to cross the glacier


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