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A Pose with my Bro

My brother and I at the top of McClintock Peak. It was an awesome feeling being on top of a mountain named after a relative.

The Pascal Clan

My mom, brother and I on top of the peak.

Ben and Craig

Ben and Craig resting on top of the peak with a lake a couple thousand feet below.

Oldman Lake

This is a picture of Oldman Lake taken from Pitamakin Pass. We camped at the southern end of the lake on the second night. That is Flinch Peak in the distance. We spotted a grizzly bear on the southern end (to the right) of the lake that night. It was looking for food on the steep slopes of Mt. Morgan.

After the Hike

At the end of our hike. The weather turned for the worst on the last day, and everyone got soaked. We all were ready for a hot shower and a greasy cheeseburger!

The McClintock Family

The McClintock Family posing for a picture outside Many Glacier Hotel. There was around 40 of us that came to Glacier National Park for the reunion. It was a lot of fun! Definitely an experience I will never forget!!

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