Best Bear Call - Bob Kennedy

Most Inspirational - Mary Kennedy

Most Well Equipped & Prepared - Bonnie Mineo

Founding Member of McClintock Polar Bear Club - Kelly McClintock

Best Equipped for any Medical Need/"DEET man" - Henry Vruwink

Miss Hospitality - JoAnne Vruwink

Most Fearless/Willing to be Eaten by a Bear - Barbara Lee

Best Organizer - Jenny Pascal

Backpacker Bringing Everything but the Kitchen Sink - Scott McClintock

Most Easygoing - Fran Soverel

Botanist/Continuing McClintock Tradition of Practical Jokes - Ellen McClintock

Youngest Backpacker/Continuing McClintock Tradition of Practical Jokes - Mary McClintock

Heaviest Backpack (coming out)/First to Scale McClintock Peak - Claire McClintock

Best Historian - Connie Barrett

Backpacker who Took Layering to the Max - Terence Barrett

Most Persevering - Kathy Reynolds

Most Unusually Packed Backpack - Helen Baldwin

Backpacker with Least Amount of Sleep (on Bear Watch) - Jon Pascal

Backpacker Propelled by Flatulence - Ben Pascal

Thermarest Product Development Specialist - Jennifer Vruwink

Insect & Mosquito Technician - Lara Vruwink

Most Desperate Not to be Left Behind - Megan Vruwink

Nanny/Governess - Ben Morgan

Backpacker Suffering from 2 Tumors on Forehead - Chris Kennedy

The Cheeseman - Tat Kennedy

Most Dedicated to National Park System/Going to Work on his Vacation - Craig Thexton

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