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Claire McClintock

Hmm..... This is an interesting picture. It looks as though my second cousin, Claire McClintock, is trying to do a somersault across a creek. Or maybe it was just really hot that day and she has a creative way of cooling off.

McClintock Peak View #1

Our first glimpse of McClintock Peak!! It kind of looks like a pyramid on top of a ridge.

McClintock Peak View #2

Another view of the peak looking at the eastern side of it. Now you can see why they call it Glacier National Park. All the peaks were carved by huge glaciers.

The Plaque

A sign in remembrance of Walter.

Lara Vruwink

Lara Vruwink making her way to Cutbank Pass. She looks like a serious backpacker with the bandanna tied around her head.

Climbing the Peak

Bob Kennedy climbing up McClintock Peak. He was one of 10 people daring enough to climb to the top. It actually turned out to be pretty easy even though it looked steep from the bottom. Technically it was only an Alpine Scramble.

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