Barbara Lee

  • How happy and healthy Mom felt, and what a good time she had.
  • Watching all the teens and 20 year olds getting along so well
  • Reaching the base of McClintock Peak and just sitting, looking at the Nyack Wilderness
  • The wind and lightning storm at Glacier Park Lodge in East Glacier
  • The fun Jenny and I had together getting in shape for the McClintock Peak expedition, then Jenny being my camping partner
  • Mary McClintock Kennedy taking off across the snowfield with determination and without fear
  • Surviving 3 days of backpacking and sleeping on the ground without my back giving out
  • Realizing that although I had thought about how wonderful it would be to visit Glacier Park in my lifetime, it finally happened
  • Seeing how glad my grandchildren and dog were to have me home.

Erin Large

  • Meeting all my relatives that I have never met before & seeing others I haven't seen for a long time. I'm glad I met you all, I don't know what I would have done without you!
  • Hearing all about the hiking trip from everyone
  • Hiking with Ellen and Claire, out looking for bears, but not finding any
  • Going on the horse ride with Claire & the Barretts to see bears, but only seeing a few rodents & a bird! (Claire and I were very disappointed!)
  • Playing frisbee with Claire & Ryan ( a guy we met who worked at the kayak place)
  • Buying "supplies" with Claire
  • Sharing everything I had with Claire on the last dinner, ditto with her
  • Posing for pictures with Claire for family picture
  • Playing "butt-face" with everyone but I never got to be El Presidente
  • Sleeping on the cot right next to the door going into the other room & not being able to sleep on it!
  • Hearing the speech about Uncle Walter McClintock from Brian
  • "I know!!!" - Claire & Ellen & me

Jenny Pascal

  • Hearing Jon on my walkie talkie and then seeing the "young" group across the valley as we stood on Pitamakan Pass
  • Ellen and Mary's joke of filling Claire's backpack with rocks & then removing them at the end of the day, before Claire unpacked her pack.
  • Hanging out with Barbara
  • Climbing to the top of McClintock Peak, at Jon and Ben's urging, and experiencing that incredible view
  • The wonderful lodges we stayed in - Glacier Park Lodge, Many Glacier, Lake McDonald, each so interesting and charming in its own way
  • Bob hoping to see a grizzly, but not too close!
  • Watching Mom and all the fun she was having, visiting with relatives, pouring over the many pictures brought by others, passing out her dinner favors (bears) and shopping in the gift shops, especially coveting that giant stuffed bear @ Many Glacier gift shop
  • Actually pulling off the hike without any hitches - kids got away with group of 9, everyone was able to come, Scott obtained our final permit by getting up at the break of dawn, driving to St Mary's to be first in line.
  • Mary Kennedy's determination and inspirational attitude that was catching for us all
  • Watching all the new friendships and renewals of relationships through out the week - and how everyone genuinely enjoyed one another's company

Jon Pascal

  • Climbing to the top of McClintock peak and yelling, "I'm the king of the World!"
  • Playing the card game "Speed" with Claire McClintock and beating her on the very last game! I thought she was going to beat me and I would never hear the end of it.
  • "Hey Bear"
  • Seeing the bear, moose and lynx on the hike
  • Playing "asshole" in Ben Morgan's tent until late at night. We sure kept the animals away and our fellow campers awake
  • Meeting relatives I never knew existed, then realizing how lucky I am to be a part of this family.
  • The Friday night dinner and listening to Brian Reeves talk about Walter McClintock
  • Listening to Megan ask, "Can you scratch my back?" every 15 minutes and watching everybody quickly disperse to avoid doing it.
  • Closing out the bars every night and waking up the next morning glad I didn't drink as much as some of the family members
  • Spending time with everybody and getting to know everybody better

Ben Pascal

  • The great bonding we had in our 9 member hiking group
  • Playing card games such as "Asshole" and "Rocks" in Ben Morgan's huge tent late at night.
  • Bowm-chic-a-bowmp-bown!!!
  • Chris's tumors on her forehead after being bitten by mosquitoes
  • Summitting McClintock Peak!
  • Playing with the walkie-talkies
  • Seeing the Grizzly!!!
  • Seeing our family create enormous tabs at the Swiss Lounge in Many Glacier Lodge and feeling guilty because I didn't pay a dime!
  • Fat Tire
  • Meeting so many cool people who are all related to me in some way and finding out that I have family in so many different parts of the U.S.

Bob Pascal

  • Getting the phone calls from Barbara and Jenny on Wednesday, August 11, that they had all completed their hike and that there were no fatalities, no injuries
  • Henry's "Attorney/A--hole" joke. I'm one and I resent it!
  • Seeing the two grizzlies on the hills above Many Glacier Lodge
  • Hearing about the backpacking trip to McClintock Peak
  • Hike to Hidden Lake
  • Drive over Going to the Sun road
  • Friday the 13th - grizzly bear mauls three hikers and man falls to hisr death near Logan Pass
  • Cocktail party Thursday night at Many Glacier, sponsored by Kelly and Bonnie. Awards by Barbara and Jenny were very excellent! Friday dinner with all & talk by Clint Moore and Brian Reeves
  • Lake McDonald Lodge and ranger talk about Glacier grizzlies
  • Hearing from Jon about the grizzly he had spotted on the trip and his sleepless night.

Emma Vruwink

  • Driving on the narrow 8000 foot pass over the Continental Divide with a drop of 1000 + feet within a few feet of us with towering sharp edged mountains in every direction and clouds below us.
  • Seeing relatives from long ago, being able to sit with different family members at mealtimes and reminiscing about good times of the past and telling funny stories about each other
  • Being so proud and feeling so much love for each of my own family and shedding tears when saying goodbye to Henry and JoAnne - just like JoAnne, Jenny and I did years ago when Henry left for  University of the South after a vacation
  • Visiting with Jim Williams and Joy after so many years and being able to hug him and her and sharing and making jokes. He is so cheerful with a wonderful smile and laugh. I'm sure he is now married to the woman of his dreams and that makes me so happy because I know how happy Eleanor would feel
  • Playing my lighted fingers on people - adults & children - and just having fun being young and childish. Loving and getting to know Scott McClintock's lovely family
  • Being so proud and loving of Jenny & Barbara for the night of the awards that they both put together after their three day hike. I think it added so much to the final two days.
  • For the amazing amount of work in researching family history done by both Connie and Terence and putting it so beautifully compiled in copies for everyone
  • For Mary Kennedy for thinking up the idea of this family reunion and being so strong of mind and spirit to be able to come, even climbing McClintock peak when she is still under chemotherapy. She is physically a small person with a huge will, always cheerful and upbeat.
  • Knowing for the first time and actually seeing where Uncle Walter traveled in a big wilderness so many years ago an his accomplishments that we are celebrating 100 years later, with descendants of almost 6 generations later
  • For everyone's help and kindness to me, without whom I never could have gone. It was a time I will never forget and thank God for and am grateful to my own family.

Megan & Lara Vruwink

  • Hanging out with our cool second cousins - Tat, Chris, and Craig (we consider you one too!!), as well as, the rest of the family!
  • Making it to the top!
  • Great smelling port-holes.
  • Porno jingle.
  • How are the mosquitoes out there, Chris? "Not too bad except for this huge tumor on my forehead!"
  • Enjoying the 2-mile hike in the parking lot at the end of the trip.
  • Can somebody scratch my back?
  • "We've been going south all day!
  • Group stretch after a game of cards - who's dogs are barking?
  • Tat - "Can I get some more ranch dressing over here and don't bother cooking my steak - I want it RARE?!"

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