McNeil River State Game Sanctuary


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Enjoying the view

This is a great picture of Norma Jean and her cub. It looks as though they are enjoying the view from the banks of Mikfik Creek. Do you see the other bears in the background fishing? I think I count three bears.

Mom and two cubs

This is "Rollie" with two of her three cubs. The other cub is just to the right of the picture. She would sit on the side of the cliffs overlooking Mikfik Creek to make sure no male bears came too close to her cubs. When she would see us, she would bring her cubs down and hang out by the creek. She knew we offered her a little protection because the big males were not comfortable around us.

Bears Playing

While waiting for their mother to catch some fish, two cubs play in the creek. The cubs were fun to watch because they were so full of energy.


I love this picture! This is "Teddy" and she loved to come hang out with us. She often got so close that you thought she was our pet. Here she is "checking us out" as we do the same to her.

Pretty Bear

I don't know who this is, but this bear was sniffing us in the air. After 3 days without a shower I am sure we all smelled pretty good.

Great View

The view from the Mikfik Creek viewing area. The campground area is in the distance. It would take us about 45 minutes to hike here every morning.

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