McNeil River State Game Sanctuary


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The seaplane Kachemak Air Service is the company that flew us over to McNeil. They owned this huge seaplane that held at least 7 people. It was a very comfortable ride over, much smoother that a large jetliner.
Aerial View of Campground Here is an aerial view of the campground. It is located on McNeil Cove which is 100 miles east of Homer, Alaska across Cook's Inlet. You can see that there are not many trees around. There is mostly scrub alder and tall grass.
Aerial view of campground #2 This is a closer view of the campground. The building in the middle is the cook shack. We put all of our food in the shack.  Then we would set up our tent in one of the spots surrounding the shack.
Campground Spit This picture was taken just after we arrived. We are looking down the spit that extends from the campground. There was a small boat kept at the campground that the wildlife agents would use to ferry us back at high tide from the viewing area.
Campground Looking south across the campground. What an amazing place! These pictures just do not give an accurate representation of how beautiful this place was.
The three stooges These were the 3 state game agents on staff when we arrived. Brad (on the left) stayed with us the entire time. He was a great guy. This was his first summer out here. It was a summer job for him. Larry is the man in the middle. He is the "Bear Guy." He has been at McNeil since it was opened in the 70's. We were disappointed that he left the next day. It would have been fun to go out and view the bears with him. I don't remember the third guys name as he left the next day too.

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