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Curious Bear This bear came really close to us on the first day. We were sitting along Mikfik Creek and he came to "check us out." I was sitting at the end of the group with Mary (one of the others in the group) when he came up and gave us a "sniff." Brad thought he might bluff charge, but he got scared and left. What a great first day!

mom and cubs

"Winnie" and her two cubs approached the group along the creek. I never thought we would get so close to the cubs. You can see that one of the cubs was curious about Ted (the man with the tripod). The mother bear was more concerned about the approaching male bear than us.
mom and cubs #2 One of the cubs is standing up on its hind legs to see over the tall grass. Winnie was still concerned about the male bears close by.
Waldo This is a picture of "Waldo." He was a huge male that came really close to us on the first day. He had a slight cut above his left eye. Brad actually chambered a round in his shotgun when he approached. Brad had thought he was "Creek Bear" and thought he might try something. Very exciting!
Bears fishing Here are some bears waiting for some salmon to swim by in Mikfik Creek.
waldo #2 Here is "Waldo" again. While we were up at the Mikfik Creek viewing pad he decided to swing by and say "hi." What a huge bear! I was right in front as he approached.

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